Step-by-step configuration guide for the Atomos Shogun

In this lesson we’ll walk through configuring the Atomos Shogun and its workflow specifically pertaining to the Sony A7s. We’ll cover:

  • Step-by-step walkthrough of the menu and its features
  • What settings to pay attention to
  • Settings specifically related to the Sony A7s and S-Log2

I’m using firmware version 6.11 on the Shogun, which includes the playback feature.

Step-by-step walkthrough

Here it is (to skip to a particular section, use the reference):

Download video


  • Please excuse the audio and the pauses
  • Firmware 6.12 is now available, and this will continue to change. For the latest firmware version and release notes, click here.
  • Applications I know of that support FCP XML are Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve and Autodesk Smoke.
  • To understand the differences between XMEML and FCPXML, click here.
  • Pro level audio is +4dBu, the Shogun has wrongly written +24 dBu.
  • To understand the differences between mic level and line level audio, click here.
  • At time 31:29, I incorrectly say ‘Histogram’. It is ‘Waveform’. The Shogun does not have a histogram.
  • To buy the Atomos Spyder, click here.

Understanding resolution and frame rates

Use this handy chart to understand resolution and frame rates:

If you want to end up with: Then use these settings on the A7s: Settings on the Atomos Shogun:
Resolution Frame Rate HDMI Resolution 24p/60p Output Video In Record Pull down
1080p 24 (23.976) 1080p 24p 1080p23.98 1080p23.98 None
24 (23.976) 1080i 60p 1080i59.94 1080p23.98 3:2
25 1080i n/a 1080i50 1080p25 2:2
30 (29.9) 1080i 60p 1080i59.94 1080p29.97 2:2
50 1080p n/a 1080p50 1080p50 None
60 (59.94) 1080p 60p 1080p59.94 1080p59.94 None
4K/UHD 24 HDMI 4K Output 24p 2160p23.98 2160p23.98 None
25 25p 2160p25 2160p25 None
30 30p 2160p29.97 2160p29.97 None

Understanding audio settings

The audio settings on the Shogun are bit more complicated than they need be:

Audio In has three options:

  • Mic level (-40 dBu) – Use this when connecting microphones to record audio.
  • Line level (-10 dBV) – This is actually the ‘consumer line level’ (unbalanced). This is rarely to be used unless you’re connecting to home audio equipment.
  • Pro level (+24 dBu) – This is probably wrongly represented. It should be +4 dBu and is the ‘professional line level’ (balanced), to be used with pro studio gear.

Audio Out is the Gain you apply to the audio out or headphone

Input Gain is the Gain you apply for incoming audio or microphone

Overall, the Shogun is pretty easy to configure. Once you lock on to your desired video and audio needs, you hardly need to change anything.

Click on the link below to the next lesson or head over to the main menu (above). If you need help with something, feel free to send me an email. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.