Quick Autofocus Settings Guide

In this lesson we’ll go overĀ the specific settings I use and recommend for autofocusing with the Sony A7s. Note: This is just a quick setup guide for those who already know everything about autofocus but just want to know how I have set it up. For detailed instructions on all the settings and why I chose the settings I have, please watch the next lesson.

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In the first customization option, I mention Focus Settings but use Focus Area instead. Both get me there in two clicks, so it’s not very different. Focus SettingsĀ is more intuitive, though for some strange reason you still need to click once to start moving the box – so there’s no speed advantage.

Quick Reference

Here’s a quick summary of how I recommend you use autofocus for best results:

Setting Value
Focus Mode Continuous AF
Focus Area Flexible Spot (M)
Focus Settings Used to move the spot
AF Illuminator Auto
Center Lock-on AF On
Smile/Face Detect. Off
MF Assist On
Focus Magnif. Time No Limit
Peaking Level Mid
Peaking Color Yellow
Pre-AF On
AF w/shutter On
AF Micro Adj. (Adjustment Set.) Off
Rear Dial Bottom Button Focus Area or Focus Settings
Rear Dial Center Button Center Lock-on AF
Half Shutter Press To autofocus
Focushold button To hold focus, and activate manual focus

In the next lesson I’ll provide a chart of the types of autofocus options and settings, when when to use which.