How to work with XAVC S S-Log2 Footage in Final Cut Pro X

In this lesson we’ll take a detailed look at working with XAVC S S-Log2 material in FCP-X. I’ll be covering:

  • Importing
  • Using the built-in S-Log2 LUT
  • Grading
  • Shot matching
  • Exporting

If you’re absolutely new to FCP-X, then please start by watching my primer on importing, exporting and data management:

Here’s the workflow for XAVC S S-Log2 in Final Cut Pro X:

Download Video

And here’s the completed one-minute sequence (I shot more than an hour of material, and this is just a five shot sample):

Notes and Takeaways:

  • The built-in S-Log2 feature only works if you have exposed to middle gray. Using the wolfcrow system, it will not work.
  • The shot matching will not work with the wolfcrow system. You must grade manually.
  • Obviously I made a mistake in scaling the finished sequence in Vimeo. The original aspect ratio is 2:1.

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