How to record dual system audio with the Sony A7s

In this lesson we’ll go over the dual system audio workflow:

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Note: It’s always a good idea to record audio using the in-camera microphone for reference whenever possible. Let it remain switched on at all times.

Dual Audio Options

I strongly recommend the Tascam DR-60D (both I and II) or the Tascam DR-70D. It will fit under the camera body via the tripod mount, where the controls will be easily accessible. The DR-60D II retails for less than $199. The Zoom H6 is also a great option.

For the best quality, it would be much better to buy Sound Devices gear:

It goes without saying, you don’t need separate preamps because these recorders have built-in preamps. Professional production sound mixers use separate mixers and recorders for a truly versatile workflow.

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