How to create dailies and work with LUTs using DaVinci Resolve

Watch the tutorial to see how easily DaVinci Resolve handles XAVC S:

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DaVinci Resolve does not support audio form the XAVC S at this time. So, if your dailies or transcoding needs do not include dual system audio (more later), then this won’t work for you.

Bottom Line

As far as free software is concerned, you can’t find many apps (if at all) that can beat DaVinci Resolve at logging, editing, grading and transcoding for field use. To really make it shine, make sure your laptop or computer has a dedicated GPU.

Unfortunately, neither of the two free apps are totally ‘worthy’. Catalyst Browse can’t batch transcode, and Resolve can’t take audio. The only ‘cheap’ piece of software that bridges this problem (but doesn’t have the LUT creation feature set!) is EditReady, which retails for $49.99.


These are important topics raised by subscribers that shed more light on this lesson.

Q. How would we match footage from the Panasonic GH4 with the A7s?

A.You can match any two cameras by using a color chart.

I had spent an entire day testing my A7s with a friend’s GH4 in a studio. We then looked at both in Resolve in a color grading suite. I can assure you, they grade fine and will match in post. I would ‘fix the look’ with the GH4 because it has the weaker codec, and then probably use 800% Hypergamma as the picture profile in the A7s.

I would then use Resolve to match color charts, or use the Match looks function in Speedgrade. Where I would be careful though, is in resolution and noise. If you shoot in 4K in the GH4, the images will look crisp, though by default sharpening is low on the A7s.

Secondly, I would expose the GH4 normally, and use the wolfcrow system to expose S-Log2 on the A7s. Hypergamma shouldn’t be pushed that much, but I’d still overexpose by 1-2 stops to keep noise levels to match the GH4. Camera matching can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be, depending on your subject and delivery needs.

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